Love words early.

Blue Lake Children’s Publishing is dedicated to cultivating an early love of reading. Our mission has always been to create ways for kids to learn that reading is fun and that they can do it. Learning how to read when you are a preschooler is a wonderful thing. It makes you feel smart. It expands your options for learning about the world. It gives you a way to entertain yourself that enriches your life. It makes your parents’ and teachers’ lives much easier. In the 10 years of publishing children’s books and having over 10,000 preschoolers use our programs, we know what works.

Blue Lake Children’s Publishing provides the tools that inspire children to love words early. Our background is in technology and kids –we’ve designed children’s software and online applications for 20 years. Technology is gaining an ever larger footprint in our children’s lives with many educational benefits. Yet we firmly believe that strong reading skills start with the decoding process that involves your child and what they can see and sound out on paper. With early reading experiences, a child’s brain will have the chance to learn decoding techniques that will ultimately make the child an independent and gifted reader.